Creative power is mighty power!


Artists Global Impact is a new way for Christian Artists to connect with one another, opportunities and communities.

In 2008, two people from different countries, thousands of miles apart met for missions work.
They recognized the value of creative expression and its divine power to “bring beauty to dark places”.
With a desire to support artists and foster connection,
Artists Global Impact was conceived in 2012, and launched in 2015.

Join us!


The Problem

The Solution

Our Unique Approach

Artists are creative conduits of God’s vision, compelled to action by personal expression and imagination.The problem is, we often feel alone and isolated.The potential for what could be done through artists to create world change remains unrealized. Connect artists. To one another. To pursuits that challenge personal growth. To development of skills. To causes where their work is not only utilized, but celebrated. Connect them to the origin of all things creative, The Creator. Allow artists to fulfill their purpose and be the world changers they were meant to be. We connect the dots between artists and opportunities. It’s that simple. We aren’t asking for anything more than collaboration and we can’t do it without you. Individual artists, Christian Artist communities, on-line groups, special events, and outreach projects collaborating together (and put a spiritual stake in the ground!). Be seen. Be known.