TEXT HERE My “faith walk” looks more like a dance –a fumble-filled, messy, crazy sequence — involving the “hammer”, a waltz, and ballet.

(Yes, try and picture that!)
I’m still learning. Admittedly, there are a lot of missteps but that’s ok, because I don’t have to be perfect. That’s what this “faith-walk-thing” is all about; learning, falling, getting back up– and having a blast through every quirky bump.
God’s been changing things up at The Art of Breakthrough™, which is both exciting and mind-boggling all at once! What started off as coaching and training support for ministry entrepreneurs, has developed into a ministry in and of itself (yes, I see the irony here… I am indeed a “ministry-gal”!)  But as an artist, writer, and life coach, I say, why compartmentalize? We all need breakthrough.. and beauty …and God …and purpose! These are quests that shake around in every human heart. So now, The Art of Breakthrough™ is for everyone








Sounds pretty cool, eh? Using art, (and creativity) with biblical principals and scripture, we’ll be exploring some great truths that (by God’s grace) will initiate breakthrough in your life.
I’m thrilled to collaborate with world-wide “movers and the shakers” in the Art and Christian Communities. Our mission is to bring encouragement for your soul.
In the mean time, thanks for your support and patience as I get this site “spit-shined” and perfected with our new mission, “Equipping Christians On Purpose, For Purpose.”.
Hugs n High Fives,