Encouragement Café

Encouragement Cafe’ live events are always a crazy-awesome, refreshing time. With incredible speakers, amazing worship artists, live stage painting, and plenty of shopping to satisfy the “girly-girl” in you, your spirit will be filled to the brim!

Visit the prayer room and find your name. Registrants are prayed over and placed with a special word over each one. THAT is how much we’re looking forward to seeing you! And consider trying one of the new art break out sessions, to break out of the box with creative wonder!

Check out upcoming events for women at http://www.encouragementcafe.com/events

See what Noelle does as a Paint N Praise Artist at http://www.encouragementcafe.com/paint-n-praise

Learn more about Encouragement Cafe’ speakers and stage artists to book for YOUR next event at http://www.encouragementcafe.com/ecspeakers

Here are some of the faces behind Encouragement Cafe’…