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Are you a leader in your business, church or ministry?

Does frustration sometimes make you question if it’s all worth it?

Well my friend, you’ve come to the right place.

Awaken your awareness with this FREE leadership training course! Catapult your success and experience the liberation of breakthrough, as we explore some of the main “crushers” that can keep you stuck. Learn how to be proactive, partnering with God to release your leadership potential in the most effective, powerful ways.
Noelle Okolowicz, will gently guide you through the “rough terrain” of leadership obstacles. She teaches directly from real life experiences, with decades of working in corporate business, building successful ministries, training leadership teams, organizing hundreds of volunteers groups, and fundraising over a million dollars. As the founder of her own successful non-profit organization, she understands the “grass-roots” entrepreneurial perspective and how to effectively build “from the ground, up”. She is a professional life coach, certified human behavior consultant, writer, speaker and artist. Noelle is passionate about seeing people grow in God’s best, and this free training course is her way of giving back.
You will:
  • Learn how to minimize confusion and bring a greater level of clarity (for everyone involved)
  • Avoid burnout by adding a few simple changes (and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny)
  • Build your business or ministry’s exposure and further your support base (without being a social media expert)
  • Discover how to respond to maliciousness without “defending” (and keep your cool)
  • Release the dread of organizing events with one great principle (please, do this for your staff and volunteer’s sake)
  • Become passionate about building credibility (as an individual and in your business or ministry)
  • End fundraising frustration with one creative plan, all while increasing your results (more $)
  • Learn how to get volunteers and KEEP them (the “bread & butter” of your organization)
  • Turn leadership disputes into opportunities for growth (and actually appreciate one another)
  • Understand how to refocus when circumstances beckon you to quit (and you will want to quit at some point)
  • Invite the Holy Spirit’s guidance in every single step, restoring past damage and leading you in new and POWERFUL ways!

HOW to Participate:

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The only thing we ask, is that if you find value in this course, consider making a donation so that we may further our outreach efforts.

God bless you, friend, and thank you for taking this step in becoming a better leader in your business, ministry and life!