Operation IMPACT!

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You are destined to make an IMPACT!

OPERATION IMPACT offers Art supplies to impoverished children in the USA and worldwide. We create packages, and then partner with artists to distribute materials and/or offer classes.
Join the movement.


Whether you’re an artist or not, we want you to join our family, as we reach out to a dark and hurting world.
Beauty Matters to God. 
Isaiah 61 speaks about the favor of God as He proclaims the importance of rebuilding ruin, and repairing devastation. Those important nuggets, nestled in a chapter that’s filled to the brim with rich goodness, help define our mission for Artists Global impact.
Beauty Matters, and is released in 6 significant ways:
 I       Inspire. We Inspire the world through creativity.
M     Meaning. There is purpose in what we do.
P      Proximity. We have influence and reach.
A      Available. We are open to opportunities.
C      Connection. We are stronger together.
T      Teach. We learn and share, so the movement grows.
We hope these statements excite you. We hope they made your heart jump a little.


Looking for MORE?

We’ve got what you need.


Can I just give you a hug and a high five? I’m beyond thrilled that you’re right here, right now. As an artist, you have influence. Your work means something. Something profound. And because of this, allow me to share a few opportunities!
Beauty matters to God. He is the ultimate Creator, and therefor our urge to create can serve as a wonderful partnership with Him. I remember a missions trip  to Honduras, where I visited 9 orphanages, bringing shoes to hundreds of tiny little bare feet. Their smiles and laughter captured my heart. Yet their circumstances tore it in half. When I came across an overcrowded nursery lined with cribs, and with bars on the windows and bare white walls. my “momma-heart” jumped at the holy spirit’s call to action –to bring color (and hope) to this crowded room. I found a store, bought some paint and “went for it”.
Those murals were of no great artistic value, I can assure you that. But I didn’t care. This wasn’t about me. It was about “bringing beauty to dark places”. Beauty allows hope. Dreams. To explore the “what-ifs” and the “what could-be’s”. That was my prayer for those precious little orphan babies crawling around my legs as I whipped up some frogs, fish, rainbows and hearts.Those cuties couldn’t read, but it didn’t stop me from painting the words “Jesus loves you” (in Spanish) boldly across the wall. My prayer was that the truth JESUS LOVES YOU would penetrate their subconscious and (despite having been abandoned), would sing the praise of their worth and value to the God of the universe.
With your “artist-heart”, just take a fresh look at Isaiah 61, verse 4 in particular. “And they shall rebuild the ancient ruins; they shall raise up the former desolation and renew the ruined cities, the devastations of many generations.”
What does that “look like” to you? In fact, the entire chapter blows my mind. There’s a connection when “bringing beauty to dark places” starts from within the very dark corners of our own lives and transcends outward to the manifestation of creating beauty for others. We “give back” to the world with our gifts because God has done a rebuilding work in our own lives.  God gives us an incredible call to action, an anointing for greatness and a divine power beyond our own abilities. That gets me excited! How about you?
Artists_Global_ImpactThat story is the backdrop for a new ministry called Artists Global Impact.
Artists Global Impact launched at the beginning of 2015. We believe that artists are world-changers for Christ! And we’re looking for artists (just like you!) to come up alongside the vision. This is a movement! For artists! To take Isaiah 61:4 seriously! It doesn’t always take traveling to other parts of the world for missions.  In fact, this initial call is that we start right where we’re planted; in our very own communities.
What can you do?
Grow where you’re planted and start where your passions are. What giftings do you have? Are you a painter? Maybe your IMPACT mission “looks like” organizing a group to paint a soup kitchen. Perhaps it’s donating your personal art to beautify a shelter. If you’re a musician, try lending your melodic skills to an inner-city after-school program. Or music therapy for a local foster-care home. Are you a dancer? What about initiating a free show, or even a class, to IMPACT a low-income area with the beauty of movement?
Try it once. Invite God to show up and show off through you.
Art comes in many forms and flavors. This movement is not just about volunteering. It’s so much more. It’s about making an IMPACT, changing the world one act of beauty at a time, one community at a time, for the glory of God. It’s about tapping into your own God-given giftings, the skill-sets in which you shine your brightest, and operating in them with free-flowing, Spirit-infused awesomeness! It’s about collaborating with friends. Connecting with community. And doing it all for God. What could be better?
If you just felt a leap in your heart, I’ll ask that you do these two things, right now:
1. Please join our Facebook group page and grow with us. Post your IMPACT mission. Get feedback, support and encouragement. Post pictures! Get people involved! Invite them in and grow the movement. We can do this together! The favor of the Lord is upon us!
2. Would you drop me a quick email so I can make a personal connection with you? Just a simple hello with your name and art form,and maybe how you feel God moving with your talents…and whatever else you want to share, would be great! Thanks. noelleokolowicz@gmail.com is my personal email address. Put “Artists Global Impact” in the subject line.
God bless you my friend and I pray that this is only the beginning of our journey together!