We believe that faith-based organizations and ministries should support one another. Because of this, (and our love for community) we’ve developed a couple strategic opportunities that prove to be a win/win.

Schools, non-profit organizations, philanthropy groups, ministries and even individuals who happen to have a cause they’re supporting, are all great candidates for partnerships.

Check these out…

  • FUND-RAISING: “Painting For A Purpose” events are fun for everyone and make money for you! We’ll make this the easiest, best fund-raiser you’ll have. And people will be talking about it long after it’s over, which means great PR for you! We have two fund-raising packages available, and numerous paintings to pick from for your event.
  • EVENT SALES: Is your organization holding an event? A conference? Retreat? Special function? Invite us to come and set up a table with our artwork and goodies, and we’ll donate the 10% “tithe” right back to you. You don’t have to do a thing except invite us and cash the check. We appreciate the opportunity as artists to have a venue to sell our work and connect with other believers. In addition, we always have a free painting giveaway, creating fun for your participants. Oh, and we’ve been told that the colorful display brings a decorative flair to the event.
  • STORE SALES: If your organization, church or school has an area for retail sales (such as a book store or coffeehouse), we would love the opportunity to partner in a business relationship, providing deep discount (wholesale) art pieces and relevant products. Every piece we offer is an original, high quality contemporary Christian piece. In addition to bringing revenue, they add modern flair to any space.
  • COMMISSIONED WORK: We are known for other artistic services and would love the opportunity to consult with you on murals and other creative needs. We do live stage painting, and also commissioned prayer paintings.

Thank you for your consideration!

Please give Noelle a call to talk more at 585.645.3290.