Are You Feeling Stuck?

Hey there!

Are you in ministry, trying to start one up or even simply pondering the idea? Has God put a vision in you, but you don’t know where to go with it?

Well, I understand.

I’ve been right where you are more than a few times. Not only have I started ministries, but I’ve worked in my share of pre-existing ones as well. I’ve seen it all – the good, the bad and the ugly. In fact, it’s through these very struggles of starting (and running) ministries that God gave me the vision for The Art of Breakthrough: Equipping Christians On Purpose, For Purpose. Whether you’re contemplating building a ministry from scratch (and all the specifics it entails), or revamping what you’re already working with (sensing you need to make a move outside of your comfort zone), let me commend you for embracing that awareness. God is stirring your heart for a change. For better.

I totally “get” what it feels like when you’re stepping out into something new; excitement burning in your soul, fear of failure, questioning your resources, contemplating your skill-set, freaking out about finances… …yet knowing it’s time to push past the thoughts and step out in faith with action. You’ve prayed. You’re sure this is from God. Yet… the questions ping-pong through your mind’s reasoning over and over.

“There must be a process”, you silently ask in frustration, “but what is it?”

Can I just give you a (virtual) hug right now and reassure you that everything’s going to be alright? (Smiling…) It really is. And please let me tell you why…

When I look back at all my past endeavors, I understand that I’ve always had two choices. The first, was to give up. The second, to push in. Sometimes I’ve given up. Sometimes I’ve pressed in. Either way, I’ve learned valuable lessons. Nothing goes to waste because God uses it all. But the very best breakthroughs have happened when I haven’t given up… when I’ve allowed God to do in me what I could have never done in myself or by myself. Then, and only then, I knew, this is God-sized.

This letter is for you if you’re nodding your head in agreement. You’re standing at the cross-roads, intersecting the decision to give up or push in. If you continue to weigh the logic, you’ll give up because quite frankly, it “just don’t make sense”. Well, I’m going to challenge you my friend to abandon the logic right now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to be illogical. There is a process, so take comfort in that, but just wait for it. Go with your spiritual gut. Making a choice to move forward right now doesn’t have to mean having the answers. If God is calling you to it, He will see you through it. The only thing you’re responsible for is saying YES to the partnership.

…Have you said, “YES!”?

If you’ve “said yes”, I’m doing back-flips. It all begins with making the decision. Just keep “saying yes” as God reveals the next step, each time. And, I’m here with you. The Art of Breakthrough: Equipping Christians On Purpose, For Purpose will help you unlock the doors to those next steps. Whether you’re starting from nothing, or are well established and looking for more, I know this program can work wonders because I’ve lived it.

…Have you said, “Maybe?”

If you’ve answered with a maybe, there’s no pressure. Sometimes God tells us to wait. Yet, I beg you to make sure it’s God telling you, and not your own negative self-talk. Or circumstance and situations surrounding you. We often sink into what I like to call, “the stuck place”. We sit there, looking around, wondering when it’s going to change. Hoping. Praying. Waiting. Growing restless.

However, thank goodness we serve an awesome God who’s powerful! It doesn’t end with us hanging out, stagnant in our disappointment and anxiety. The truth is, Jesus has big, HUGE plans and He uses His kiddos for His causes (yep- that means you!) There’s no small person in the body of Christ. Each of us have special significance and purpose. You, have special significance and purpose.

We’re meeting right here, right now, by divine appointment. Will you let me come alongside you? I’d love to share what I know, with the prayer that God will take my little bit and magnify it in crazy-cool ginormous ways that only He could!

I believe:

  • that having a willing heart is more important than being smart
  • that no matter what the struggle, breakthrough is possible

Sometimes, God gives us a miraculous breakthrough that we don’t have to wait for. (How awesome is it when that happens?) But most times, I’ve found in my own life that it’s a process. It takes time. Time to look, listen and hear God’s voice. Time to chew on and reflect over new ideas. Time to consider an unfamiliar direction. Time to discover. Time to embrace His favor. Time to grow our faith. Time to get the courage to step out of the rut.

Take a deep breath….Welcome to discovery.

The Art of Breakthrough: Equipping Christians On Purpose, For Purpose is not about “figuring it out”. It’s not about striving …and fighting. It’s a process of guided, holy and divine discovery. One is freedom, and one is frustration. One releases inspiration, and the other irritation.

Which one do you want?

As you seek God and learn more about this particular process, give yourself permission to “breathe”. Invite the Spirit in. You can’t mess up.

Hugs-n-high fives,

– Noelle